Things you should never say to a programmer

Things you should never say to a programmer

Welcome to ProgrammerHub readers, This is the first article that I’m going to publish here, and I hope that you guys like it. In this article, I’ll be discussing Things You Should Never Say To A Programmer.

So let me introduce myself first, my name is Sachin Sharma and I’ve been a freelance programmer for five years. When I tell someone that I’m a programmer, They’ll be like (Can you do this for me, can you do that for me. BLAH BLAH). I hope you guys can relate to this.

So I’m going to share some things that annoy me a lot and if you are not a programmer or don’t know much about this field, please stop saying these things to us.

My laptop isn’t working. Can you fix it?

I’m telling you guys, STOP asking us to fix your laptop or computer. Yeah, I know that we are good with computer and stuff, but it doesn’t mean that we can probably fix your laptop.

My laptop isn't working. Can you fix it?

Let’s say we can fix your laptop, but that doesn’t mean you have to ask us to fix your laptop every time you experience a problem.

Hey, I have the next million-dollar idea for an app!

Hey, I have to say something about your million-dollar app idea (Keep it for yourself). I am sure that your idea is already an app out there in the world.

Hey, I have the next million-dollar idea for an app!

A million-dollar app also needs thousands of dollars to be built. So if you can pay that amount to me, then you are onboard. Else please keep your idea for yourself or share it with someone else. THANK YOU.

Can you hack this Facebook account for me?

Please, Please, Please stop asking us programmers to hack anything. We know how to program and sometimes how to crack things. But it doesn’t mean we can hack social media accounts. And hacking someones social media account is illegal.

I know HTML… I’m a programmer too!

Yeah, that’s right, I know English it means I’m a French guy. Knowing HTML is good, but you can’t compare a markup language (HTML) with programming. But I’m pretty sure you are a cute baby who thinks that HTML is a programming language.

I know HTML… I'm a programmer too!

But it’s really easy. Just add some if statements.

My Dear Friend, Thanks for solving my problem and for letting me know that how can I code that particular program It helped me a lot.

programmer slapping you

But if it’s that easy, then why don’t to code it yourself. If anything can be done by some if statements than why we need programmers.

Build Me a website for free. It’ll improve your resume!

First of all, I can create meaningful side projects to improve my resume. And if you want a website for yourself then you have to pay for it. Because I value my work. Never forget (If you’re good at something, never do it for free. – Heath Ledger).

These are some things You should never say to a programmer. If You are a programmer and you are tired of listening these things from your friends then send this article to them and show your anger to them.

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